Saturday, September 3, 2016

Glenvar High School Vs. James River High School!

Last night, Glenvar High School had their FIRST home game of the 2016 season.  The weather was gorgeous  PERFECT football weather.  We joined all of our favorite peeps and cheered on the Glenvar Highlanders.  #4 Brady Loader goes to church with us.  He is a freshman in High School and is playing strong.  As good as he is now, I cannot imagine what his senior year will look like.  #78 John-John is our pastor's son.  He's a big'en.  I'd had to be tackled by him.  He is a junior and we have been watching him play football since we was 11. A lot has changed since then... ahem... his size.  Hehe.  #7 is our Josh Clifford.  We have known him long before he was born.  Well, we actually know Coach Clifford and his wife, dating back 20 years ago.  Mrs. Clifford used to clean my dad's house and Mrs. Clifford's brother was in my dad's wedding.  It's funny how things are cycling around.  
Go Highlanders!
Let the game begin!
Above: Ty is was awarded the "Ball Boy" with 3 of his best buds! 
Below: Chynna is one of our favorite cheerleaders.
Another one of our favorite cheerleaders is Cam!
#78 John John
#4 Brady Loader.
"Green, gold, and white, Fight Highlanders, Fight!"
I am not sure who #8 is, but I loved this shot.
It's always fun watching Coach Clifford in action.  He is beyond animated, although I know he is not acting.  Man... he can get hot (with madness).
During the game, Ty was standing in front of all over the players and of course, I couldn't see him, so when he moved over... I snapped this photo.
Brady with the ball!
John-John on the tackle.
#7 Josh Clifford.
Brady kicking a field goal!
John-John and Brady great buds, talking in the middle of the field.  Love this shot!
It was a GREAT game!!! Good times!!! Perfect weather. AND WE WON! It's Fall Ya'll, playball! You can view all of the photos that I took right here.  

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