Saturday, September 3, 2016

Virginia Tech Vs. Liberty University 2016

Today, we traveled up to Hokie Nation to watch Virginia Tech play Liberty University. A few days leading up to the game, I decorated and drove up to Blacksburg to pick up some new Hokie attire.  The kids grew out of EVERYTHING they had. Check out my adorable Lillybee University Hokie colored shoes.  #LOVE!!!
I wasn't born into a family that was raised on FOOTBALL, but having boys has helped me gain a small love and appreciation for it.  I am certainly glad I snatched Darren before he knew what he was marrying.  LOL!  I am not a football crazy, but I am trying in my own ways.
We had a SMALL tailgate MOMENT.  Like 6 minutes.  We have got to get better about getting there earlier.  
Lane Stadium
We parked in our usual spot and while the boys through the football, Lilah and I had a small photo shoot.  Hehe.  I really just wanted to snap a photo of Liley in her new Va Tech dress, but then she wanted to take a picture of me.  Okay, okay!
The weather was gorgeous, slightly hot on our side, but it beats rain and harsh cold winds.
Stadium food: nachos and turkey ostrich legs.
The corp of cadets.
Liberty University is a Christian University.  I caught one player praying before the game started.
Let the games begin!
Enter Sandman!
I always like finding odd/funny things to capture, while people watching, just about anywhere (the fair, the beach, and sporting events). This woman came to the game with a pretzel necklace? I guess incase she gets hungry. LOL! What a wise way to avoid price gauging.
Football players.
Canon Ball Shooters.  LOL!
We stayed until the scoreboard was less than even!!! Hokies won! Sorry LU, but our team is better than your team!!!

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