Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Birthday Trinkets!

There is always SO much to think about: oil changes, tire rotations, grocery shopping, working out, laundry, decorating, cooking, baking, serving, church, sports, dance, studying God's word, praying, giving your animals exercise, ironing, doctor appointments, travel, vet visits, and BIRTHDAY PARTIES . . . SIGH . . . I could have written a million things down, but you get the point.  Then there are a million things that empty your check book as well, bills, groceries, yearbooks, school photos, extra curricular activities, family portraits, medication, dog food, new clothes/shoes, tooth fairy visits, gasoline, home repairs, home decorating, Christmas, and BIRTHDAY PARTIES . . . The lists truly are ENDLESS.  Often times you desire to help someone feel special on their birthday, but you just can't break the bank.  I had a few special people to acknowledge, over the last few days, and I found a few items that screamed BIRTHDAY that I would like to share with you.  I was able and desired to give more than just these items, but maybe you know the mailman, a co-worker, or the bus driver's birthday is in the near future and you just want to give a little something along with a card or sweet note. It's always the thought that counts.  SO... take these few items and write a note with a clever riddle or poem attached.  It's bound to put a smile on their face.

1. Birthday Cake-Sugar Free Gum by Project 7.  I purchased this "pack" of gum at JoAnn Fabrics, but I have also seen it at Target. Perhaps you could attached a cute note that says, "Have a slice of sugar-free cake on me!" or "Hope chew have a Happy Birthday!" or "Here's wishing this birthday BLOWS last year's out of the water!"  This pack cost $1.99. If you get it at JoAnn Fabric's you can use a 40% off coupon, making it a little over $1.00.
2. Buttercream Icing Wall Flower from Bath & Body Works: How awesome is this scent from Bath & Body Works?  Just give this wallflower to someone you know already uses them OR spend anywhere from $7-$9 more and get them the plug in also.  Attach a note that says, "You are the icing on my cake!" I believe one wall flower is $4.00.
I made this printable below! Cut and paste it, into a word document, to use it!

3. Gorgeous Looking & Tasting Cupcakes or Pies from Bubble Cake: Check your local town for a bakery that is not only focused on taste, but also aesthetically pleasing cupcakes or pies.  I gave these and a mini Boston Creme pie to two individual's who were having birthdays!  Each mini cupcake was $1.99 (I think) and the pie was (4.95).  Attach a note that says, "Now... you can have your cake and EAT it too!" If you are giving this to an employee or co-worker you could say, "A party without cake is just a meeting!"
4. Birthday Girl Party Gear from Claire's: Everyone gets ONE day, a year, to feel individually special, so help them let the entire world know it's their birthday with birthday gear.  This pin came from Claire's and costs $3.95.  Claire's also has birthday crowns and boa's.  So fun!!!! Attach a note that says, "You wear 30 [the age] well!" OR "Hugs and Kisses! And a lot of birthday wishes!" If you buy a birthday crown, then you could say, "Everyday you sparkle, but today you RULE!" 
So I hope this helps you shower someone with a little ray of sunshine on their birthday without breaking the bank. It's different from a quick $5.00 starbucks gift card and it is cheaper too!!!! Again, the thought always means so much, so don't make excuses for not making someone feel extra special on the only day they can say is theirs.

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