Sunday, September 11, 2016

Back-To-School Party!

For the last three years, I have celebrated the first day of school, with my children,  by having a "back-to-school" party! I've gotten a little wiser over the years and waited to celebrate AFTER the school day was COMPLETED! It gives me time to prepare and it provides them with plenty of time to enjoy it!
I always decorate our kitchen island and then create some form of "back-to-school" snack plate!
My oven was broken on this day, but my neighbor baked my sugar cookies for me, (thank you Robin) and I wound up decorating them with green frosting.  I also added an "A+" to the cookie, to make it extra school-like!
From youngest to oldest... here were their reactions, as well as the goodies they received!
You'd never think this was a REAL reaction, from Lilah, but it was.  I love having a girl for this very reason!
My big, middle schooler came home LATER than my twinsies, but everything was kept nice and neat for his arrival!
I loved all of the things I got for Ty because they were very middle school-ish! He also received an iTunes gift card!
I had a hard time capturing the set-up, so I took some video footage too! I hope you enjoyed our party! My children were very appreciative and extremely happy to come home to this after a long day of "back-to-reality".  

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