Saturday, September 17, 2016

Glenvar Youth Rec Night!!!

I have so much to blog about and so little time... haha.  That sounds funny, but it really is true.  I am sorry that it's almost been a week since I have posted.  I am a stay at home mom and I truly can't find the time.  Just too much to do.  Anyway, last night, was Glenvar  Youth Rec Night.  The youth get to run on the field at half time and the youth cheerleaders can to cheer with the High School cheerleaders for a little while.  These pics aren't the greatest simply because most of the kids were running in the dark, it's a hard atmosphere to capture good photos in.
The cheerleaders ran out onto the field first.
I love all of the sweet smiles!!
Then my Jackey Jo's team was next.  
#9 is such a cutie!
Then BIG BROTHER's team.  
You can tell that they are being GOOFY because of their smiles.  Their smiles scream #uptonogood.
The little cheerleaders cheered with the big cheerleaders at halftime.  Lilah always takes to our favorite, Chynna.
She wants a sister so bad!
My girl is RIGHT where she loves to be... PERFORMING!
Meanwhile, back on the filed, we were actually supposed to be watching a football game between Glenvar High School and Grayson County.  There's my handsome ball boy!
#78 is our pastor's sone, John.  
Ty and the other ball boys just "chillin" with the football players.  I am sure this is an amazing place for these younger players, but as a protective momma, it makes me nervous. I pray they are good role models to these boys.
Glenvar won 47-0.  Go Glenvar!!!

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