Thursday, August 4, 2016

Back-To-School Lunch Box Preparations!

There are pretty much only TWO things that I dread about "Back-To-School"... 1. Waking up extra early and 2. Lunch Box Packing.  Other than that, what MOM wouldn't enjoy (8) childfree hours to get her house cleaned, laundry room empty, refrigerator stocked, errands run, doctor appointments completed, nails done, and body in shape?!?!  Haha.  Every Summer, starting in mid July, I start collecting items from Target, Walmart, Kmart, Dollar Tree, Food Lion, and Sams Club for the kids lunch boxes.  I try HARD to find "new" items, either items that my children have NEVER had before or NEW items that the stores have recently released.  So far, here are the items that I have collected.  

Finding Dory Graham Snacks: This movie came out this summer.  How fun to eat Dory, Nemo, Hank, Destiney and all of the other characters.
Reeses' Mini Tastykake Cupcakes: Ty won't enjoy these, but my twins will.  
PETS Fruit Snacks: Another cute movie that came out this summer.  The kids love fruit snacks.
Dessert Lunchables: My kids have actually had these before, but LAST August.  
Limited Edition, ChocoChip Oreos:  I heard that Kroger is about to release a Swedish Fish Oreo Cookie.  EWE!
Oreo Lemon THINS
Fun Napkins.
I always think this will HELP them desire to use a napkin.
Rainbow colored snack bags: These are my favorite and come from Target.
Snyder's Fudge Brownie Pretzel Sandwiches
Saltine Gold Fish: Interesting! My kids love saltines.
Sour Cream & Onion Gold Fish!
Dole Diced Peaches: The kids have had the mandarin oranges, but until our "Eat It or Wear It" food challenge, they have never had diced peaches.  They love them.
Thermos: We are adding a new addition to our lunch box accessories cabinet... My kids our SICK of pb and j's.  WELL, the twins are.  I am going to try hot items, like mac and cheese and Spaghetti O's. OH how nutritious, I know.  NOT! 
We will start with Find DORY Macaroni & Cheese.  I pray it stays warm until lunch time.
If anyone else has any suggestions, please be sure to comment below!!! I hope this has gotten you excited about packing lunches again.  This is a lot of junk, but I promise you... I take the time to pack fruit, nuts, yogurts, veggies, and many other healthy options.  I just like to buy unique snacks throughout the Summer, because getting it all at once gets expensive, along with the purchase of school supplies .

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