Monday, August 22, 2016

Back-To-School Night! ~ 2016/2017

And there you have it... another Summer bites the dust.  POOF! You blink and 81 days passes before your very own eyes. Guess what? I not only survived, as my first Summer ever without A LICK of childcare, but I enjoyed it too!!! God is continually growing me and teaching me to take deep breaths and at least TRY to value/cherish every single moment - those hard and those easy.  
Tonight was back-to-school night.  I must admit, not having Ty there gave our visit a very different feel.  It will most certainly be weird having my three children divided up amongst two schools.  Lilah and Jax were excited to meet their second grade teacher, Mrs. Green.  She is NEW to Fort Lewis Elementary, but I did some snooping and I heard she was Ah-mazing, by both FLES teachers and the guidance counselor.  
Mrs. Green greeted each of her students at the door.  As we approached her, I said, "Tell Mrs. Green your name!"  Lilah exclaimed, "I'm Lilah!" And immediately, Mrs. Green exclaimed back, "Then you must be JAX?! Right?  That is what you like to go by isn't it?"  Jax very quietly, but politely nodded his head "Yes!".  He is my shy guy.  I was impressed that Mrs. Green already started getting the low down on her students and made certain to know some of the more important things, like nick names.  Of course, being that Lilah and Jax are twins, they were probably the EASIEST two to identify.  We greeted Mrs. Green with a small bucket, filled up with every piece of green candy, we could find, from the Candy Store, in downtown Roanoke.  
The twins and I began unloading their book bags, immediately, which were filled with all of their school supplies.  
Although the twins are in the same class, they do not sit directly next to each other, but they do sit a lot closer than I would have thought a teacher would put siblings together.  Mrs. Green said, "I have heard that they get along beautifully, in class, and that there is no arguing." Shew... that's great to hear, because that is not always the case at home.  
My children are VERY particular about the way their belongings are to be organized.  Hmmmm, is that a surprise?  We were the LAST ONES left in the classroom, it took that long.  LOL!
(Above): Their class schedule.  Snack will be at 9:00 a.m. and lunch is at 11:15 a.m.  AND PRAISE YOU JESUS... there are NO PEANUT ALLERGIES, so my kids can eat WHATEVER!! (Below): The class list.  It appears as if Mrs. Green will be responsible for 24 students: 12 boys and 12 girls.  
On the way home, I said, "Do you like your teacher?"  Lilah said, "I don't like her.  I LOVE HER!" After dinner she said, "I think this is going to be the best year of my life."  LOLOLOLOLOL!

Mrs. Green seems refreshed, joyful, excited, fun, funny, and very lovable.  EVERY kid enjoys all of those attributes.  I am thanking God for many things about this school year already.  Thank you Jesus that you have seen fit to keep Lilah and Jax in the same class together.  Thank you Jesus that Mrs. Green is a believer.  That her husband is a preacher and her father was a preacher.  That she LOVES Jesus.  I am also thinking this will be a fabulous year at Fort Lewis Elementary School.  One day and counting... sniff, sniff...

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