Friday, August 19, 2016

Where The Magic Happens ~ Makeover (Update)!

Darren and I finished up designing and decorating our children's rooms (it.took.forever.  ~ I'm a perfectionist) and it was TIME for our room to receive a facelift/makeover.  It's been a LOOOONG process and still NO WHERE close to being done, but let me share some of the progress since LAST October, the month we ordered the furniture.  Yes, when you see the ONLY progress we have made you might think, "This is going to take 5 years!"  LOL!  Ah... the moment we had been waiting for... When Darren and I married, we had to wait a long while to save up for brand new, master bedroom furniture.  The furniture featured above and below was our first set.  It was purchased at Grand Home Furnishings, Robert Kincaid, SOLID cherry wood, and I believe it was an 8 piece set.  We were so proud of it. We took great care of it, but after almost 10 years of using it, it was time to update our bedroom, to fit our current style.  We sold this great set to our Pastor and his wife, for their second oldest son, Jake's bedroom. AND... out with the OLD and it with the new.  I KNOW I took photos with my Canon camera, but I have been desperately trying to unload my cell phone's photos, this week, so for NOW, I am using the photos I took with my iPhone for this post.  I PROMISE to update this post as soon as I can find the nicer photos, from my real camera.

Move out day was so exciting.  I took the time to really give our bedroom a DEEP cleaning.  I even washed the walls and baseboards.  I enjoy the look of "lines in the carpet" so much that I vacuumed this room four times from every angle, making sure the vacuum picked it up all of the dust and dirt. The "dBk" on the wall came from Potterybarn, but we were over it, and took it down.  That was a slightly painful process because we paid $100 for it and it felt like we were just throwing out $100.00.
Then came the arrival of our BRAND NEW furniture (December).  Every single room in our house is now furnished, with furniture, from Furniture Land South, minus our new family office.  Which... we may be heading back there for that specific room if we cannot find anything local or online.  It's located in High Point, North Carolina (the Furniture Capital of the world). It's seriously the most incredible furniture store I have ever been to, featuring over 1.3 million square feet of show rooms. Can you imagine? They say it's the size of 100 football fields combined.  
This is a HORRIBLE photo of the first look of our new furniture, in our bedroom, but as you can see, we chose a very different set, compared to our last set.  The point was for our bedroom to look dramatically different in style, after all, our style has changed quite a bit.  Darren and I chose a furniture set, from FLS, by a company called Durham. The furniture set was called "The Springville Collection".  The link I attached is NOT a direct link from FLS, but it's a link to give you a general idea of what our set looks like.  This collection had several different options and we decided to go the more "eclectic route" and get some mismatched pieces.  I am normally a matchy-matchy type person, but my step mom (who is an interior designer) and the interior designer that I worked with at FLS gave me the extra boost of encouragement I needed to NOT be so matchy-matchy.  It's definitely MORE in style to be eclectic in nature.  
The bed is GORGEOUS.  It is a fabric covered headboard, with nailheads surrounding the entire frame.  The wood finish is a dark black and it is slightly distressed. We also purchased (2) matching, 3-drawer night stands, a triple dresser, and a dresser chest.  The dresser chest is a light grey, wood finish.  I LOVE IT ALL!

Finding bedding was next to impossible. I am not entirely sure I would still have bedding TODAY, if my girlfriend Kaitlyn hadn't sent me a link, to a bedding find, that I literally had just found the day before.  It was meant to be.  I purchased bedding from West Elm.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that store.  I purchased the Stamped Dots Set and Nomad Coverlet + Shams (Horseradish Color) combination. The below photo is the original sighting of this bedding.  It was the picture that became part of my vision and inspiration board.  
MY GOAL was to use this purchase and incorporate a gorgeous teal-like BLUE.  Again, I have more progress pics, but I do not have them at my disposal right now.  So far... here is how it has all come together.  All the "teal" accent pillows came from Pier 1 Imports, the others came from West Elm.  I just LOVE the entire look.  I am still working on pillow placement.  Sadly, it changes almost daily.
Here and there I have actually been playing around with different ways to layer the different bedding.  I have a duvet cover and a coverlet, which some of you may call a quilt.  It's a lot of bedding and takes quite a bit of time to actually make my bed, but it's SOOOOO worth it.  
One of Lilah's girlfriends came over the other day and when she saw our bed she said, "Wow, how do you sleep with all of those pillows on your bed!" I responded, "VERY COMFORTABLY!" Hehe.  Not really, ALL BUT two of those pillows come off, each night.  
Sadie girl thinks I designed a gigantic dog bed for her.  LOL! The rule in my house is NO ONE is allowed on the bed if it is made, UNLESS you are taking a nap or going to sleep.  Sadie, clearly, doesn't follow the rule.  This is where I would insert that eye rolling emoji.  Haha.  Oh the things we allow our dogs to do that we would NEVER allow our kids to do.
About three weeks ago, I decided to paint an accent wall in our room. I was sick to my stomach and quite honestly a nervous wreck.  I am not a painter and I do NOT desire to pretend to be, but we were having a hard time finding a painter.  I figured painting ONE wall wouldn't be bad.  I settled on a color called "Totally Teal", by Glidden, but I purchased it in Valspar. It was a HUGE success.  I didn't drip paint ANYWHERE.  I did two coats and the most important thing is WE LOVE IT!!!!  
Below, you will see the accent wall.  Normally, when an accent wall is decided on, I believe the headboard wall is chosen, BUT that's what our old bedroom had (and still has until I choose a grey paint, eye roll). PLUS, the light grey dresser would NOT have look good up against a grey paint.  I am so pleased with the outcome.
So there you have it, FOR NOW.  I promise to update this particular post with the more crisper photos, maybe even today. I also hope to give more details about the actual furniture pieces (the specific names) etc.  
This room is still NO WHERE close to being done.  Currently, as Darren likes to say, we have a Miami Dolphins room.  Sigh.... we cannot wait to paint the rest of the room.  We think we have FINALLY decided on a grey.  We just have to either reserve my painter or start painting myself.  I think we will choose the first option. LOL!  We did add beautiful lamps from Pier 1 and a few accent pieces from Hobby Lobby and Kirkland's, but here are the things we still need: new curtains, more paint, and more accent pieces.  
It's the best feeling in the world when you have visions and they SLOWLY, but SURELY, come together.  As my momma always said, "Patience is a virtue." Check back... I promise this post will be more detailed and helpful, if you like this look and desire to try a replicate it.
(Above): PS.  Weeks after throwing this look together, I received a catalog in the mail, from Ballard Design Company AND LOOK what color scheme the FRONT cover was in?!?!?! I guess I am definitely ONTO something :)

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