Saturday, July 16, 2016

Perspective Photography ~ 2016

Every single beach trip, we try to capture a new, fun, "perspective photograph" session.  This post shows our attempt at this fun tradition. I JUST added a perspective photography able to the right of our blog.  I hope to try and tag each of our sessions to the label if you are interested in seeing all of our attempts.
First up, Ty drinking an oversized bottle of water.
The sun was directly in Ty's eyes, so we were having a hard time collecting the water in his mouth, on point.  
In the photos below, Lilah is being attacked by a gigantic foot or getting ready to be stepped on as she sun bathes.  I love what a great actress she is.  I have to say, the pool patrons were REALLY confused about what we were doing.  LOL!
Then, I attempted to fit my 3 children in my wedding band.  I will definitely be trying THIS AGAIN, for sure, and FRAMING IT, but my kids were done at this point and I wasn't being successful at keeping them from being blurry!
These two video graphed somewhat smooth. Eh.. you get the point.  LOL! I am an amateur, not a professional.

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