Thursday, June 9, 2016

The "Etsy Bisty Spider" Gift!

At the end of the year, I gave the teachers both an "end of the year" gift and a "teacher appreciation" gift.  During the month of teacher appreciation, I had this idea, but all three of my kids were very sick and I just couldn't pull it all together.  I felt terrible for not acknowledging them, so I just doubled up on the gift giving on the last day of school.   
I wanted to give the teachers an ETSY gift card, but I wanted to give it to them in a fun way. I came up with a riddle that went just like this:
"The Etsy Bitsy spider went up Mrs. Clifford's desk. 
Up to her laptop to give her feet a rest. 
Out fell a gift card that read, 'You are the best!'
And the Etsy Bitsy spider felt so very blessed."
I found these adorable MAC greeting cards, on Etsy, at a shop called "Treasures For A Cure!"
Look at how precise the greeting card looks to my laptop.
It's an exact replica.  
I typed out the riddle, printed it, and put it on the "screen" of the laptop greeting card. If you would like to use the same riddle, I created a free printable for you to print and use HERE.
Then, using my labeler, I filled up the "keyboard" with a brief message to Mrs. Clifford.
I needed a spider.  I had a bag of plastic spiders, but I felt they would make the card creepy verses cute! So, I used Lilah's spider hair clips instead.  I took the spider off the clip, hot glued a string to the "belly" of the spider, AND hot glued the string to the card.
I purchased and printed ETSY gift cards.
I sealed this gift in a clear envelope wrapper.
I just love the way this gift turned out: creative, unique, and FUN both to receive and to spend.

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