Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Mini Mini Mini Family Photo Session

I decided to hire "By Grace Studios" to snap a few photos of our family prior to Ty's graduation.  I figured if I didn't hire a photographer, it would appear as if I wasn't even present.  It's just the way it goes WHEN... you are the family photographer. This almost wasn't successful because I told Carissa (the photographer) the wrong date.  I told her June 3rd, not June 2nd. Whoopsie.  So literally MINUTES prior to this photo session, I had NO idea if this would actually happen or NOT.  Once we met up with Carissa, we really only had approximately 12-15 minutes to capture our sweet family of 5 because we had to get inside of the school, in order to get good seats. Carissa arrived with a joyful smile, ready to capture us! AND she did a GREAT job with the time frame we were working with. Enjoy all of the images below.
I abolutely LOVE the shot below.  It shows the jist of my relationship with TY.  Some days I could just eat his face!!! Haha. 
So big, so fast!
These photos are definitely MONEY WELL SPENT!
Goodbye Fort Lewis Elementary School.
Hello Glenvar Middle School.

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  1. LOVE! What a great idea to get a photographer, such a special day :)


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