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Ty's Graduation ~ 2016

Above: picture of a picture!
Ty graduated from Fort Lewis Elementary School on Thursday, June 2nd.  It was a simple, sweet, and special night filled with all of the memories from fifth grade.  The graduation committee decided not to share memories from K-4th grade. They chose this decision to avoid hurting students' feelings who DID NOT go to FLES the entire length of their elementary, school aged years.  I had mixed emotions about that decision, but I just went with the majority to avoid any conflict.  
Since Ty is my first baby, I was excited and sentimental about this moment.  I hired "By Grace Studios" to capture our family of 5, prior to graduation starting, otherwise I wouldn't have been in one photo. I tried to capture a few photos prior to meeting with Carissa (the photographer), but it was just too humid and the sun was directly in the kids' eyes, so I just decided to let the hired help do the what she is getting paid for.  
Below are two photos from the photoshoot. I will share the rest in the next post!!!
Ty outside of Fort Lewis Elementary School. Such a great photo, in front of a great school!
When we arrived into the school, we were greeted by these beautiful BLUE and YELLOW tule and balloon columns.  
The students performed to the song, "When I'm gone!", by Anna Kendrick. Can you tell how thrilled Ty was.  LOL!

After their performance, the fifth grade teachers passed out awards.  Rather than making the audience watch each student receive their multitude of awards, the teachers chose to pass out a folder filled with their individual awards, for the students, to view after graduation.  The 5th grade teachers ONLY acknowledged those students who received the President's Award for Educational Excellence.  Out of 47 students that were graduating, ONLY 16 received the award.  Tyson was 1/16 students. We are so proud of this accomplishment. To receive this award, you had to be on the A/B honor roll, in addition to receiving a pass ADVANCED on your SOL tests, for BOTH 4th and 5th grade.  Ty also received an award, given out by the gym teacher, which is ONLY given to ONE boy and ONE girl in EACH class. This student displays good sportsmanship BOTH when winning and losing.  I am so excited that he received this honor.  Thank you Mrs. McKeown for choosing Ty.
Above: Ty receives the Presidential award.  Below: Ty receives his folder of additional awards.  
After graduation was over, we met in the school cafeteria for small refreshments: cake and punch.
Ty and his friends had a "stardom" moment in front of the Fort Lewis banner.
Ty sported his "money medal" that I made him.  I will share the details later.
Grandad and Grandee came out to support Ty and his special milestone.  They have been very faithful AND busy cheering our kids on.  
Ty LOVED having Mrs. Clifford this year.  Mrs. Clifford is a very dedicated teacher.  She chooses and desires to have a personal and lasting relationship with each of her students.  Ty always snuck in her class and got a morning hug each day! Mrs. Clifford taught Ty science and math.
Ms. Harlow was Ty's homeroom teacher, in addition to his reading and writing teacher.  
We didn't have BIG plans after graduation was over because it was close to 8 pm. Instead, Ty is having a really nice graduation party, with his closest friends, from three combined elementary schools.  He did get to open several gifts from Darren and I, as well as Grandad/Grandee.  Find out what those were in an additional post.
Ty had MANY special accomplishments and memories at Fort Lewis Elementary School. Off the top of my head, here are several that I can recall: Ty received the character award in the 2nd grade.  Ty was the 2nd TOP fundraiser for the St. Jude's Children's Hospital fundraiser, at FLES.  Ty was BOTH the Vice President and President of his school, in addition to a classroom representative every year he was eligible.  Ty received the PERFECT attendance award 2/6 years and the attendance award for the other years (missing only 1-2 days per year). Ty received straight A's EVERY SINGLE REPORT CARD, minus ONE  B, which was an 88.7 aka 89. SOOOO close to an A (no one is perfect). LOL!  Ty travelled to Washington DC and to North Carolina to explore the monuments, museums, and zoos. Ty has made many wonderful friends and has developed a great relationship with many of the wonderful staff at Fort Lewis, including Mr. Leftwhich, the school janitor.    

Below is the slideshow that was created for all of the fifth graders and family members to enjoy! Oddly enough, it didn't make me cry! I am so excited for Ty to move forward.  Fort Lewis is a lovely school, but he is ready for BIGGER and BETTER places! Oh the places he'll go!  TY, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! We are over joyed and very proud of all that you have accomplished at FLES. You have left a special legacy for Lilah and Jax, at FLES. 

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