Friday, May 6, 2016

Safari Park Zoo Field Trip ~ Virginia

Last week, the twins had a field trip at Virginia Safari Park!  I was thankful that I was able to tag along! It's always hard to convince myself to leave my responsibilities behind to go on a day trip, but I never regret going!
The forecast was calling for rain, hence the reason I had a hat and rain boots on, but the Lord was gracious enough to bless us with a gorgeous day!
Our favorite part of the Safari Park visit is getting to ride the tractor and feeding the animals. If you take your own vehicle, you have the option to drive through on your own.  We have yet to do that.  I am a little skeptical about damage and slobber to my vehicle.  
I think you can tell by Lilah's facial expressions how fun, but unexpected it is to field these animals.  

 Here's our little zoo keepers.  Hehe.  
There were a ton of mommy/baby animals.  I guess many of the animals have been busy.  LOL!
I have several favorite photos and this ostrich is ONE of them.
As well as this photo of the zebra.  
These animals got up close and personal.  
The flamingos were so pink!!!
We've been to Safari Park before, but I forgot that the giraffes actually allow you to touch them.  I LOVED this part of the field trip.
After the giraffes, we explored the bird habitat.  
I bought the kids bird seed sticks and the birds flew immediately onto the kids' arms, upon seeing the seed. 
Enjoy the slow motion videos of feeding the animals.  

While waiting on the bus to leave, Mrs. Thomsen's husband entertained the kids with duck duck goose and the hokie poke!!

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