Friday, May 6, 2016

Simon Turns 1!!!

Our sweet Simon turned one on April 25th! We never expected getting a second dog, but I am certainly glad that we did.  He brings so much laughter and joy into our lives.  He has become very territorial of our home, so when the door bell rings OR when we have guests over, things can get  a tad stressful or complicated, but we are slowly trying to figure out ways to make it all flow properly. He loves to be buried at the bottom of our beds, underneath the hottest, heaviest, and most snuggly blankets.  He isn't a big fan of dog food, but will scarf down peanut butter, cream cheese, and any other human food possible. That's not a surprise, right?  I went above and beyond for Sadie on her first birthday (and I don't believe I have FINISHED blogging her special day yet), but Simon's day came during a busy week, so all he got was a homemade doggie cake and some special gifts.  No photo shoot or trips to the dog park.  He is definitely spoiled though and I don't think he noticed.  LOL!
Here was the cake I made for Sadie's first birthday, click here. You can also find the recipe on that post.  I deviated a little bit for Simon's cake since he is a small dog.  I made his cake 1 tier.  I used mini dog bones and a heart shaped dog bone for the "centerpiece".  Hehe.  I used blue embellishments to make the cake slightly masculine.  Simon AND Sadie LOVED the cake.  I let them eat the entire thing.  Normally, Simon is VERY food aggressive, but he was so kind to share his birthday cake with his sister.  LOL!

I think it's safe to say these pooches enjoyed this meatloaf, peanut butter, banana cake; down to the VERY LAST DROP.
That cake put a huge smile on Simon's face.
Happy 1st Birthday Simey! We love you buddy boy!

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