Thursday, March 10, 2016

Shooting Range Birthday Gift!

For Darren's birthday, I wanted to give him something that went along with his new passion, love, and hobby of firearms. I was on the hunt for a shotgun and a semi automatic weapon, but upon entering the firearm store, I just couldn't confidently make a decision based on all of the selections they offered. Darren currently owns several handguns, so I thought he might like a new type of firearm, but I also had fear that those above mentioned guns would be, in his opinion, impractical. Instead of making a choice that truly should be his, I decided to surprise him with a really nice tactical bag from the NRA Store. Inside the bag was an invitation, from me, for him to join me at an indoor shooting range, in Charlotte, NC.     
NO, we didn't drive ALL the way to Charlotte just to go to a shooting range.  We already had a previously planned trip to Charlotte, just the two of us.  I took advantage of being in a BIG city to plan something out of the ordinary.  The coolest part was that we went away on his birthday weekend.  The reason the time was "TBD" was because I wasn't entirely sure of our agenda.
Inside the bag, I just put a few, fun things for us to use in the hotel.  Haha! We had a scheduled NERF gun war. I bought "his and her nerf guns" and bullets.  
"Hand Over Your Heart Partner!"
"This Is A Stick Up!"
I decided to give Darren his bag before our trip, so he could properly pack and prepare for our visit to the shooting range. Since the bag was difficult to wrap, we asked Darren to hide his eyes.
We counted to 3 and Darren checked out his new firearm luggage.
When he opened the bag, he found the invitation.
He was really excited and impressed that I would be willing to sacrifice some shopping time to shoot guns.  Haha.  I love to make him just as happy as he makes me.  Stay tuned for our exciting visit to the Blackstone Indoor Shooting Range.

*I found the printables on The Dating Divas blog! I was in the process of designing my own, then I contacted Shauna Steed's KIKIKINS Designs to make it for me, but I ran out of time for either option! So instead, I just used the Dating Divas printables.  JUST AS WELL!*

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