Thursday, March 31, 2016

Saint Patrick's Day In The Bolling House! ~2016

My three, little leprechauns got all dressed up for St. Patrick's Day!
When they came downstairs for breakfast, they were surprised to find the kitchen area decked out in #blessed, #green, #leprachaun, #fourleafclovers, #goldcoins, and more...
I believe I started "celebrating" St. Patrick's Day two years ago.  I honestly don't know what the holiday is about, I guess I should read up on it.  We don't really celebrate the holiday, we just have a little, green fun.
The "table" was set with darling, four leaf clover place mats from Jo-Ann Fabrics, polka dotted and gold rimmed plates from Target, and below the most darling addition, four leaf clover mason jars from Michael's Craft Store.
I'm not lucky, I'm blessed! My kids had a few goodies waiting on them.  Some things to wear and some things to enjoy/eat!
Lilah's stash below included an oversized, green highbrow, St. Patrick's day fake nails, green sour skittles, a lucky lotto ticket and a set of rainbow window clings.
This leprechaun joined our decor last year.  He's so cute!

Jax's stash!
Jax received a "Lucky O'Pooper": a leprechaun that poops colorful candy, 4 leaf clover window clings, a lucky lotto ticket, goofy glasses with an orange mustache attached, and a pack of green, sour skittles.
Tyson received a green, beaded tie, a lucky o' pooper, green glasses with an orange mustache attached, a lucky lotto ticket, green, sour skittles, and a pack of "lucky" window clings.  
I am so "LUCKY to be in love with my best friend." I even left a few goodies for Darren.
Breakfast was a limited edition box of Lucky Charms.  
The cereal had four leaf clovers and green stars in it.
Bacon aka leprechaun mustaches.
At the last minute, when I felt my kids also needed a little bit a fruit, I quickly made up this fruity leprechaun.  It is made with green grapes and mandarin slices.  I had some colorful googly eyes that I adhered to the first two grapes with fluff.  Fluff is a great food adhesive.
For snack, I gave them a yoplait key lime pie (green) yogurt, a chocolate gold coin, and a 4 leaf clover treat.
This was NOT a healthy snack, but it was a FUN snack, fit for the occasion.
For lunch, the kids had pbj. I cut their sandwich into the shape of a leprechaun hat and colored it with my foodwriter markers.  
These adorable four leaf clover (really 3), shortbread cookies, came from Fresh Market.  The kids said this was their favorite part of their lunch. .  
They also had orange cheese buffs (acting as leprechaun hair), and a green apple.  I cut out a four leaf clover with my pampered chef mini cutters. If you snag this idea, be sure to squeeze lemon juice ALL OVER the expose apple, so it doesn't turn brown.
When the kids came home from school, we continued the "celebration".  Lilah had a friend get off the bus with her.  Evelyn was overwhelmed with how dressed up the house was and it took her a few minutes to really let it all sink in.  Hehe. Evelyn was dressed up in green also, so she was certainly prepared for our little party. The kids enjoyed the window clings.
There was SO MUCH laughter going on outside.  I still don't know what was so funny! 
This photo cracks me UP!
The kids enjoyed some popcorn, sour skittles, and some apple slices.
Jax and Lilah scratched their lotto ticket off, during snack time, but we had no lucky winners! 
I gave them a St. Patrick's Day word search and a rainbow coloring sheet to work on, while they ate their snack!
Before Evelyn left, I applied the fake nails to both girls.  I had actually bought two packs. It was the perfect ending for two girly girls' playdate.
We don't believe in luck.  We believe that we are blessed and that all of our blessings begin and end with the merciful hands of our Savior.  So until I figure out if the true meaning of St. Patrick's Day is something that I SHOULD be celebrating, that's why I am going to claim our celebration is about...HOW BLESSED we are!!!! Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow.  

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