Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy Easter! ~ Apples For Teachers 2016

This year, for Easter/Spring, I designed this adorable gift for Mrs. Thomsen, Mrs. Clifford, and Ms. Harlow.  
First, I purchased wallflower refills, from Bath & Body Works.  I chose one in every color of the rainbow.  
When I found several porcelain "egg crates", at Michael's Crafts, I had to have them. I wanted to treat the wallflower refills as "colorful easter eggs".
I bought 3 different colored egg crates.  I wanted to purchase ALL white crates, but Michael's only had 2 whites left and I needed three. I chose a purple and a yellow crate too.
I placed the Roy G. Biv refills into the egg crate.  I was tickled when I realized all 6 colors/scents would fit.
Of course, you need a cute wallflower plug-in to use the wallflower refills with.  
HOW CUTE is this silvery-gold bunny?
I also included a pack of EXTRA Confetti Cake Pop.
I packaged it up really cute, with a chalkboard Easter egg clothespin and stuck a pink sticker on each egg, representing the letter of their first name.
I wrapped the egg crates up with clear cellophane and inserted a bunny pick!
Mrs. Robin, the bus driver, got some cute, bunny hand towels, Extra confetti gum, and a homemade, oversized, peanut butter egg (thanks Reid, haha).
Happy Easter! Happy Spring!  Happy, Happy Everything!!!

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