Friday, April 1, 2016

Field Trip To Roanoke's Taubman Art Museum!

The first grade class, at FLES, took a field trip, last week, to the Taubman Museum of Art! I'll be honest...I wasn't really EXCITED about going because I am not the artsy farsty type.  I think I am just jealous that I don't even know how to draw an apple.  LOL! The twins were very excited for me to join them.  We took some goofy, iPhone pics while heading to the museum, on the bus. Sorry for the poor image quality.  
When we first entered the art museum, we were greeted by this beautiful and colorful, I think FLAG, hanging in the foyer.  Ok, so I knew there had to be more to the story of this "flag".  LOL! I just went to the art museum's official website and found this. This "fabric" is actually a piece of art.  Read here
The kids seemed to be excited to be anywhere other than school, but I don't believe they knew just how much fun they would have.
Up first, they were taken on a very informative, but child friendly, tour through the Normal Rockwell exhibit.  I was blown away. I began having a wonderful time immediately.  Our tour guide was phenomenal, especially with the children.  She spoke VERY clearly and slowly.  She was very patient with children.  The students were SOOOO obedient to the rules of the art museum and kept their voices very low.  Mrs. Thomsen even said, "Boys and girls, I have chill bumps at how well behaved you are being!"
The tour guide chose a few of Norman Rockwell's photos and asked the children questions about it.  This got them really thinking about what an artist's perspective must be when painting or drawing.  
I loved this photo.  The power of prayer is amazing and we are so blessed to be able to come into the presence of a HOLY and LIVING God.
We explored all of Norman Rockwell's magazine covers.  I was so impressed.  He really was so very talented.
This is a famous painting of Norman Rockwell.
This photo was really engaged.  We learned that this was ONE photo, split in two, by a divided frame.  It shows a painting of a day going TO the lake and a painting of a day coming BACK from the lake.  
The exhibit below was INCREDIBLE.  Would you believe me if I told you that this structure was put together using coffee sticks?  Check out ALL OF THE DETAILS here.  It's called the "Eye Of The Needle" If you look closely, you will see that this entire exhibit is made up of coffee stirrers. AND... the craziest part of it all is that they are not connected by any form of BONDING material such as glue.  They are just woven together.  
 They even used a bench to weave the stirrers into.  
I wish I had information on this exhibit, but I do not and neither does the art museum's website that I can tell.  But... this was really colorful and fun.  We took a S-L-O-W detour through this art exhibit.  Hands behind our back.  Not touching a thing.  Our view from every angle was very interesting.
While on the second floor, at the Tubman Art Museum, the grown-ups were given permission to take photos from the rooftop. I was able to capture some of downtown, Roanoke's most popular sites from up high. 
This is a painting an artist did of downtown Roanoke.
This kids took a break from viewing the artist hard work, to create artwork of their own.
On the field trip with the FLES first graders, I took an elevator ride with 22 first graders.  It was like a clown car.  I am just glad it "arrived" or "landed" safely.  LOL! 
When the tour was over, the kids got to enjoy an section of the art museum where they got to explore, discover, and participate.  
Dress up!

Puppet Shows.

I had a really nice time.  I think this field trip was a great idea and I look forward to going back to the Taubman Museum of Art this Summer.  The kids are finally old enough to enjoy this kind of stuff and somewhat understand how talented these artists really are.

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