Saturday, January 2, 2016

Snow Globe Gift Card Holder

I'm learning that TEACHERS truly LOVE gift cards...WHO doesn't like gift cards though, right?  I get that a teachers probably feel that way because they are tired of coffee mugs and fancy socks, but I'd like to think my gifts are well received.  I try to give unique and creative gifts.  For Christmas, however, I decided to conform by giving gift cards as part of their gift. BUT...and that's a HUGE BUT, I could NOT just give the gift card in a boring gift card holder.  SO... I decided to make my own snow globe, gift card holder.  I LOVE THE WAY IT TURNED OUT.

FIRST, purchased the gift cards of your choice.  I chose Amazon, Michaels Crafts, and Pandora (jewelry).  Make sure they are plastic and standard size.  Paper gift cards will be ruined from the water and over-sized gift cards will not fit through the mouth of the mason jar.
Next, purchase a standard size mason jar (making sure there is no engraved writing on the jar), as well as some fun embellishments.  I chose a moose, miniature christmas trees, gold/red berries, and a christmas package.  Michael's Craft Store sells some adorable "miniatures". If you are NOT making a Christmas snow globe, I am sure you can find some fun birthday, wedding, baby, or travel embellishments.  
HOT GLUE the entire bottom of the mason jar and QUICKLY begin dropping your embellishments into the glue.  I started with the gift card FIRST since that was the MOST IMPORTANT item! Note: I did use a pair of tongs to help get my items positioned correctly.  
HOW awesome is this? I love the below photo.  
The FRONT: I will NOT deny that this is NOT easy.  ONE wrong move and your embellishments can be STUCK in all the wrong places.
Another awesome shot! The inside.
Next, place one tablespoon of glitter into the jar, FILL with water, shake and enjoy!
I was FLOORED when I found a MASON JAR gift bag. What a PERFECT finishing touch.   
The only "problem" with this gift is that the receiver has to work VERY hard to spend the gift card, LOL! I am sure dismantling this jar was NOT easy.  

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