Saturday, January 2, 2016

Apples For Teachers - Christmas 2015

So...I think I spoiled the teachers at Christmas.  Now that I am completing the FINAL post of 3, explaining their gifts, I realize how much I gave.  To be honest, it's ALL GOOD. These teachers have a HUGE responsibility and I am thankful!!! The final teacher gift was a scarf/glove set with a color coordinating pair of earrings. This gift is a TOTAL steal.  I ALWAYS forget about this steal until 5-8 days before Christmas.  New York and Company always puts these sets on sale for $5.00. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! Down from $24.99.  I HAD to accompany this with the snow globe gift cards and adult coloring books.  
Cobalt Purple.  
Snow White.
I attached the earrings to the scarf/glove set with a cute, Christmas light, cloths pin.  
I wrapped it up really cute!!
Topped it off with chocolate-covered oreos OR sunflower seeds. 
(Below):OH and I forgot to mention that I gave the janitors both chick-fil-a and krisy kreme calendars.

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  1. They will love that scarf and glove set, I know because I have it and love it ;)


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