Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy Belated Birthday GABE!!!!

We spent one of our last days, of Christmas break, at the Launching Pad Trampoline Park, with the two youngest Shaffer kids! Gabe's birthday was December 27th and we decided to pay for both Cami and his tickets as a birthday present.  They spent the majority of the two hours we were at the Trampoline park (95% of the time) playing dodge ball.  On your mark, get set, go...
I love that my hubby gets in there like a BIG kid and goes full speed!
"Take that!" Haha!
Getting so big, so fast!
Ty always stood in front of Cami, to protect her, most of the time.  HAHA. 
At one point, Liley and Darren were left standing, against each other, in the dodge ball court.
There was definitely loads of smiles, but also very serious faces, after all, IT'S DODGE BALL!
At the very end, Ty paid for Cami, Gabe, and himself to jump off the 13.5' launching pad with his own money, the ultimate thrill seeker. They free fell from The Launch Tower and experience the rush that is guaranteed.  They had to jump into a giant inflatable stunt bag off of the foot platform!

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