Sunday, January 31, 2016

Shrine Circus ~ 2015

It was just a random Saturday, with surprisingly NO PLANS, other than a very early a.m. basketball practice. I was organizing some drawers and doing a little bit of housework. Darren, at the last minute, decided to go to a shooting range, in Blacksburg, with the boys and our friend, Brett.  So, in a blink of an eye, I decided to take Lilah to the Shrine Circus.  I had about 15 minutes to get my act together and then off to the Roanoke Civic Center we went.  Cami happened to be at the mall (on the way), so we asked if she could join us.  We picked her up at Chick-Fil-A.  Anyone who knows me has to be proud.  I was showered, but I didn't have a lick of make-up on.  I decided that memories were much more important than make-up.  We arrived, in the nick of time, with literally NO minutes to spare.  Thankfully, the show didn't start on time or we would have been late.  There was so much traffic.
All of the acts were great, but we especially loved the acts with the animals. It is so interesting to watch.  It's also incredible that the tigers, elephants, and camels are trained the way that they are. They follow and obey so well.
The tiger even walked the tight rope.  
We literally had a clown sitting directly behind us.
My least favorite act was the "Globe of Fire". I find this act ti be very dangerous and it makes me a little nervous to watch it.  I happened to be looking down, at one point, in the act and the entire audience went, "Ohhhhhhh!" Two of the four motorcyclists crashed.  It was so sad to witness, but apparently they were ok!
At half time, I treated Lilah and Cami to a face painting.
Clowning around!
I loved this act.  I was amazed at how well they could run on this spinning wheel.
The live Cannon Ball was the last act!!!!
See the video footage below!!!
We had a blast!!! Lilah was terribly sad when Cami went home.  She desperately wants a sister.

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