Friday, February 12, 2016

Apples For Teachers ~ Valentine's Day 2016

The Movie Theatre themed gift may be "played out", but I LOVE it.  
I found some darling, heart-shaped, movie theatre buckets AND had to have them. I knew, immediately, what I was going to do with them. I started collecting all kinds of goodies that you would want for a movie and a date night with the hubby.

What's inside? Normally, I take photos of each individual item, but I FORGOT this time. CRUDE! Here's a list of what was inside though:
 1. Hot Tamales
 2. Heart Shape Reese's
 3. Valentine Tic Tacs
 4. A Mini Diet Coke
 5. A Mini Bottle of Water
 6. "Baby Lips" 
 7. Valentine Hand Sanitizer From Bath and Body
 8. LOVE Tissues
 9. Dominos Pizza Gift Card
10. Heart-Shaped Slipper Socks
I also bought this "Boom Chicka Pop" popcorn from the Fresh Market.
Then, I made up a riddle/poem and created a cute, little printable. 
I made the printable to have two slots for me to write pre-purchased, promotional codes, from Redbox, in each slot.  Each teacher is now able to rent TWO redbox movies.  I put the printable in a little bag and stapled it to the popcorn bag. If you like this printable, click here. You can download it for free.  
All wrapped up and somewhere to go!!
So pretty!
 My Liley held the tub of goodies, while sporting her LOVE shirt.  Hehe.  
Two of the teachers already texted me and told me they LOVED EVERYTHING!

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