Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Elf On The Shelf Reindeer Pancakes

One morning, our elves made us reindeer pancakes!!! These pancakes arrived on the perfect DAY! because it was actually "Reindeer Day" for all of the first graders at Fort Lewis Elementary School!!! Lilah and Jax dressed up in their reindeer gear.
Boy reindeer (above)
Girl reindeer (below)
Lilah and Jax's artwork, from school.
The elves left Lilah a pair of reindeer earrings.  
And Jax reindeer antlers and a blinking nose.
Two thumbs up for the reindeer breakfast.  
OJ with a candy cane straw.
What's left over after the pancakes are eaten.  
My cute reindeer.
Poor reindeer look mutilated.  
Thank you Chippey, Ariel, Napoleon, and Rosie!

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