Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Year's Day 2016!

For Christmas, I purchased Darren a Ruger Icp and a Glock 21. Well, let me rephrase that...I was supposed to purchase him a Glock, but he decided to get it for himself before Christmas.  So...I purchased Darren a Ruger instead.  Our friend Aaron and I planned a grown-up playdate, at his house, with 10 guys from church. Aaron supplied the "shooting range" and I supplied the food.  I made (2) pots of Italian Chili and (1) pot a unique chili with Ditali pasta, cornbread, and most any chili topping you can think of. I had quite the task.  Originally, I thought I was cooking for 5-10 men.  It turned out being that 10+ men, their wives, and children. Ahhhh!!! I have no evidence of the final outcome.  Just a quick photo of some of my store bought items.
I cannot wait to share how I presented this gift/event to Darren, but until then, PLEASE KNOW, my man was so excited.  He loaded up his "gun bag", the night before, weapons, amo, and a few targets. His bag weighed about 80 pounds
I didn't want to be the annoying photographer, so I left my camera bag in the car. BUT...here is ONE video clip and ONE photo of their fun. While the men practiced shooting, the women stayed warm inside and chatted.  The girls played with their American Girl Dolls.
The bear that they were trying to "KILL" was a bear that was given to me, by my father.  Sadly, after 15+ years of having it, my one year old puppy decided to use it's nose as a chew toy.  Ugh. We were going to throw it out, but instead, Darren brought it to Aaron's to use as Target practice.  A special thanks to Thomas Chaffin for recording this intense moment of "Kill The Bear". I have to say, I feel pretty darn safe having all of these men in our church.  
After some shooting fun and a hot meal, accompanied with some delicious dessert brought by Allison and possibly Lisa, the guys completed their push up contest that they had been planning on for several months.  Everyone gathered around and watched 4 or 5 of the guys compete against each other.

It was very fun/funny to watch, but as you can see from the guy's face, this was no joke to them.  PRIDE was at stake here. LOL! It was taken very seriously and it was a pretty fierce few minutes.  The room was getting hot. Hehe.
I am proud to announce my man did the most push-ups.  I believe he did 73 or 78.  
Then the little boys wanted to give it a try.  This was so cute. First up, little Hank.
Then, Watson!
The bigger-little boys and girls went too.  Gabe, Ty, Lilah, Kate, Vivian, and Ansley!
We are always so thankful to get to spend the day with Church family.  You never leave a church function thinking, "I should have never went!"  Darren and I really admire both Aaron and Lisa's willingness to show hospitality.  We are continuing to be a witness to it.  I am hoping that it will rub off on us more and more.  I have a feeling, although this was the FIRST time shooting at Aaron's it will NOT be the last.  Happy New Year!

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