Saturday, January 16, 2016

Basketball Begins....

Ty and Jax started basketball in November and their first games were LAST weekend.  It is next to impossible to capture great shots in a low lighted auditorium.  So, I tend to watch more than I capture, on camera or video, during basketball season.

Ty is playing on the Warriors team.  The warriors won their first game.  Finally score 40 to 8 against Hidden Valley.  Ty scored at least 4 baskets. I lost track. WE LOVE the colors of this team because we are huge Stephen Curry and Dell Curry fans!!!
 Check out those BIG, almost middle school feet.
Jax is playing for the Bulls. This is his FIRST year playing rec basketball.  Darren is assistant coaching both teams.  I am so glad the schedules do NOT conflict so that Jax can finally have a little father/son time on the court. Jax won his first game. The final score was 27-18 against GYB Cavs.  Jax scored two baskets.  
Jax got two free throw shots after being fouled.  
 Slow Motion Video of Jax's basket.  

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