Friday, January 15, 2016

Franks Theatres Cinebowl & Grille

Last weekend, Darren suggested we go to Franks Theatres Cinebowl and Grille.  We knew it existed, but usually when we go to Blacksburg, we eat at Sal's, Bull's and Bones, or we go to a tech game. We also tend to stick around the Christiansburg area.  It's the only close GAP outlet. This venue was something new for us and it is especially near and dear to our hearts because Bolling Steel provided the steel for the job. We left about 5:30 pm and arrived around 6:00 pm.  We were absolutely shocked after touring the entire place.  IT's HUGE and offers so much!!!!

The Cinebowl and Grille offers an array of things to do.  FIRST, dine at their eatery/restaurant.  Then, go see a movie, bowl, or play in the arcade room and redeem your winning tickets in the OVERSIZED prize room. We were really hungry, so we ate first!
Inside the restaurant is a HUGE bar with big screen televisions EVERYWHERE.  
The below photo was snagged from their website, but it's a picture of the Grille.
Check out those HUGE, cheese pizzas that came off of the kid's menu.
This man made my evening.  He can be content being at home since he works, all week, away from home, but he initiated this fun evening.  I love it when he does this.
I ate E-V-E-R-Y last drop of these amazing fish tacos.  The food was phenomenal.
Here is another view from our dinner seats.
After dinner, we decided to take the kids to see Daddy's Home.  Franks theaters isn't just ANY movie theatre though.  The theaters offer huge, comfy, leather seats and you can bring your food, from the restaurant, in to eat while enjoying the movie.  
Check out the Bolling Bowling Alley!  BIG screen televisions LINE the entire length of the alley!
We had a wonderful time.  We didn't have time to bowl or to do the arcade, but THAT'S okay because we will get to go back and we will have something NEW to look forward to. If you live close, I highly recommend taking your family here.  To me, this is EVEN more impressive than a Dave and Busters.  We loved this place so much we are thinking about having a small graduation party here for Ty!

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