Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Elf On The Shelf Reindeer Pancakes

One morning, our elves made us reindeer pancakes!!! These pancakes arrived on the perfect DAY! because it was actually "Reindeer Day" for all of the first graders at Fort Lewis Elementary School!!! Lilah and Jax dressed up in their reindeer gear.
Boy reindeer (above)
Girl reindeer (below)
Lilah and Jax's artwork, from school.
The elves left Lilah a pair of reindeer earrings.  
And Jax reindeer antlers and a blinking nose.
Two thumbs up for the reindeer breakfast.  
OJ with a candy cane straw.
What's left over after the pancakes are eaten.  
My cute reindeer.
Poor reindeer look mutilated.  
Thank you Chippey, Ariel, Napoleon, and Rosie!

Celebrating Chastity's 1/2 Birthday!!

In August, Chastity was allowed to choose ONE friend to celebrate her 8th birthday, at Chuck E. Cheese. She chose Lilah.  I had the date completely wrong and we never showed up.  Talk about a huge oopsie.  ANYWAY, I promised Chastity that I would take her and Lilah out to celebrate and it literally took 4 months to finally do it, so we decided to celebrate Chastity's 1/2 birthday instead.  I apologize in advance for the poor quality images, thanks iPhone.
We went to Claire's. Each girl picked out three items.
They had a blast, but it was very difficult finding three absolute MUST HAVES in a store filled with everything girly.
Then we went to the puppy store.  WE did NOT leave with a puppy, hence the reason for the sad faces.  
A little Christmas humor/fun!
NO birthday is complete without a candle and cake! SO, off to Bubblecake we went.  
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday to Chastity!!!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Look at Lilah! I swear I don't tell that girl to pose.  She is her own reality show.
Sweet friends!
Selfies on the way to Natural Nails.
We completed Chastity's birthday celebration with a manicure at Natural Nails.  Mrs. Liann did their nails for FREE! She is so generous. #supportlocalbusinesses
I think it's safe to say that Chastity had a fantastic 1/2 birthday celebration.  We love you Chassy!!!

Elf On The Shelf Cupcakes

Our incredibly, fun and creative, not to mention giving elves brought us cupcakes one morning!! AND NOT just ANY cupcakes, but Elf and The Shelf Cupcakes!!! Check them out!!!
In this same morning, our elves also left us some new Elf On The Shelf fashion pieces! Ariel received the "Awesome Ombre Skirt Set".  
Chippy received the "Team Elf Letterman Jacket".
Chippey received the "Daper Tuxedo".
Rosie received the "Relaxing Robe and Slippers".  I might need to borrow that set!
The cupcakes were just store bought (I had no time to bake and they enjoy the store bought just as well).  I did however insert an elf on the shelf icing decor and cupcake liner to the store bought cupcakes.
It make a cute little presentation!
I found this cute little "I believe in Elves" plate at Kirkland's and was so excited to include it everywhere the elves hid, but while underrating, Jax broke it! Such a bummer.
Thanks elves for delivering such sweet gifts!