Sunday, December 6, 2015

Salem Christmas Parade (2015)

Every year, our small group attends the Salem Christmas Parade! This year's weather was very nippy and the parade itself seemed unusually longer than most years. The kids never seemed to mind, haha.  I was under the weather, so by the time we were on hour 2 1/2 I was ready to go home and get warm. We always have a wonderful time though, just laughing and talking with one another and of course watching all of the "floats". Our family favorite, parade entry is always the wild and crazy clowns. This year, we were able to see many of our very close friends in the parade: The Harris kids and their daddy drove the Interstate Batteries car, Chastity Campbell walked with the Glenvar Youth Cheerleaders, and Joey/Tasha Flores (with Olivia) were driving/directing the baton girls! Lilah could have walked with her Cheer Team, but she wanted to be with her family.  Lately, she's all about family!! "My family" this... and "My family" that... It's so cute! Enjoy the photos I took!!!

Covered and smothered in winter gear is Julia, Izzy, and Mason. Their plan was to give everyone bunny ears.
One thing I forgot to mention was that the Campbell family invited us to go with them and we already had this yearly tradition.  So, we invited them to sit with us.  We are ALL family!!! They go to our church too.  Better to sit with more WSBC peeps than a bunch of strangers.  LOL! (Below): Ty and Cooper!!! 
Jax and Courtland! Both of these boys are TWINS to girls: Lilah and Chastity!
Dexter Dog came with us! He is Mrs. Thomsen's classroom dog and Jax got to bring him home this past Friday!  Natalie, in the middle, is a classmate that was sitting near us, so she hung out with Lilah.
2/5 of my besties: Ashely and Erin.
Fernandez girls: Vivian and Kate.
Hank's arrived!!
Another one of my bestie: Jody, with her daughter Ansley! I love their reindeer antlers!
Sweet Aliza!
The news crew was capturing our photo for the newspaper, so I jumped behind the photographer and captured a similar photo!!!
And FINALLLLLLY the parade started.
Here comes the Harris kids!!!
Their daddy works for Interstate Batteries AND is a race car driver, so he offered to drive the car in the parade!
We are thinking that Mrs. Thomsen is Smokey the Bear because her hubby was driving the truck!
I also have some video footage, but I cannot get to my cell phone right now to upload it.  Check back soon to see the Harris kids (and Zach) riding in the Interstate Batteries car!

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