Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Launching Pad Trampoline Park (Salem, VA)

Our small town received a Launching Pad Trampoline Park a few weeks ago! Man...we are really moving up in the world. NOW, if only we could get a Cheesecake Factory, I would NEVER leave this town.  HAHA.  I finally got around to taking the kids over Thanksgiving Break!!! They had an absolute blast! You can tell from all of the smiles on their faces! Enjoy the photos and videos! AND IF YOU LIVE IN SALEM, save up your dough and try to get around to taking your kids. It's definitely a great experience.  I am NOT sure we will go often because we spent about $78 for two hours of fun! You cannot stay there UNLIMITED.  You pay per hour to jump! A gift card to this venue might be a great stocking stuffer, gift idea, for Christmas.

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  1. Fun! it looks like they enjoyed it :) we will def have to check that out!


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