Wednesday, November 4, 2015

WSBC Fall Festival (2015)

Every year, our church puts on a Halloween type event, but our focus is out reach and the sharing of God's word through a story the kids can relate to.  We used to call it "Reformation Night", but this year we decided to change the name to "Fall Festival" and hold the event outdoors. Normally, we have a dessert contest, a chili contest, and a costume contest, but I think they canned all of the above being everything was outdoors.  The church provided hot dogs, candied apples, cotton candy, popcorn, hot chocolate, water, hot apple cider, and candy galore.  We had all kinds of games, horse back riding, tractor rides, face painting, cornhole, and trunk or treat. Towards the end of the evening, Pastor Nick asked the kids to come sit near our pumpkin scene, which I assume was painted by the very talented Nora Smith.  Pastor Nick related the story of gutting out and carving a pumpkin to the story of our sin and Christ's glorious ability to gut us out and make us a new creation! It was seriously the BIGGEST turn out I have ever seen.  We invited quite a bit of people and from that invite half of Jax and Ty's football team was present, in addition to Lilah's cheer coach, assistant coach and her daughter.  I was able to capture a ton of pictures.  Sadly, not too many of my own children. Oh well!!! If you didn't get an opportunity to come this year, please make sure you do come next year.  I will post several of my favorite photos below, but being I took over 180 photos, I will also include a Picasa web album that you can use to see them all!!!! Major props to Pastor Nick, Gretchen Shaffer, Erin Carroll, Nora Smith, and many others for going the EXTRA mile to make this event so much fun!!!!

First up, Trunk or Treat! Gretchen asked several people to volunteer their vehicles, so they could be decorated.  Jody's van was essentially "Candy Land!"
Bekka's was a Bat Mobile.
Mine was a Spidery Gravesite.  I purchased glow sticks to hand out to each visitor.  
There was also a Pirate trunk or treat.
Look at it at night!!! So realistic.
And a Jonah the Whale trunk or treat!
The last one was a Laughing Mouth.  You won't be laughing after you eat all of that candy and get a bunch of cavities.
 Next up, several of my favorite costumes captured that night!
Liley as the witch!
 Ansley as the jukebox.
 Sydney as cotton candy!
Cami (Snowwhite) and Jax (Grumpy)
The Old Haggard and Snow-white.
Love Emoji and Scratch and Sniff Poopie.  
This boy was so excited that I was dressed up as the same emoji that was all over his hat.  So, I offered to take a picture with him.  
 Snow-white and The 7 Dwarfs.
Ty and Gabe as Batman and Robin.
Grace (Maleficent) and Cami (Snowwhite)
We love that Old Haggard aka Ashely Harris.
Major props to my dear friend Gretchen for designing and making the costumes.
Man-o-day, you can certainly tell who happy, grumpy, doc, and bashful are.
Fireman Watson!
Every fireman needs a firetruck, right?
A digging tractor.
Not sure exactly what to call this costume, but I like it.  It's unique.  I believe he said, "It's Abraham Lincoln holing ME in a box!"
My husband, the gigantic "scratch and sniff" poopie.
"Beauty and The Beast!"
Here were just a tidbit of somethings to do that night: Fire Pit and Roasting Marshmallows.
Cupcake Walk.
Bobbing For Apples.
Story Time The Gospel.  
Face Painting.
Biddy Bulldog Football Team.
Lilah and Kate.
Adult candy snatcher.
 Brett went as a "Jolly Rancher". HAHA!
Well, I posted what I thought you would enjoy or I guess more of what I enjoyed, but there are over 165 left to see, so please use the online Picasa web album below.  It will ONLY be viewable via landline computers.

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