Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween Goodies For The Bolling Kids!

I was so busy making goody bags and creating teacher gifts for the school, that I totally forgot I bought some surprises for my kids, hubby, and dogs! Eeeeek! Needless to say, I surprised my kids, husband, and dogs four days after Halloween with everything! It started with an afternoon snack.
When they arrived home for school they were excited and slightly confused since Halloween was over.  
A spooky graveyard: crushed up peanut butter oreos, a peep ghost, and a homemade orange chocolate covered pretzel and green skittle to replicate a pumpkin.  
Spider Eggs: A plastic spider and orange yogurt covered raisins.  
BOO-berries!!! Blueberries with ghost eyes.
Witch Fingers aka Carrot Sticks.
Ghost Cheese.
I also decorated some miniature water bottles with decorative paper straws. I added something salty.  Cheese balls, but I called it, "Pumpkin Poopie!"  HAHA It's amazing what you can pull from the pantry or fridge in a JIFFY!
Lilah was the MOST excited and appreciative.
 Then I got the kids some Halloween goodies. Jax's stash.
Look at this cool dude in his skeleton glasses.  
Lilah's stash!
Looking spooky!
I absolutely loved this little outfit for Lilah's American Girl doll.  I found it at Marshall's for $5.00.  Can you believe it?
Ty's stash!
Darren's stash!  Buffalo wing pretzels, pecan harvest ale, and a Halloween air freshener.  
 And Sadie and Simon got some cute little goodies too!
Sadie Girl's.
Simon Boy's.

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