Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cami Turns 13!!!!

It's hard to believe I met this sweet girl when she was 5 years old and now I am taking photos of her 13th birthday!!!! Cami is my pastor's daughter and Ty's crush (since he was 4). Lilah thinks Cami is both her big sister and her BFF. It's adorable. Cami goes along with it and it's one of the biggest reasons I love her. She's never too good or too cool for the little girls who admire her.  I had the pleasure of taking photos of her and her besties. Gretchen, Cami's mom and my dear friend, and Lilah came along as my helpers. Lilah was the prop girl and Gretchen was amazing at helping me place them in the proper spots. She would fix their hair and be frank about someone not "cooperating".  Hehe. Clearly, they were willing to cooperate, they just couldn't tell they were not in sync with the others. Aaron and Lisa Fernandez gave me permission to use their yard and we also utilized Green Hill Park. The weather was GORGEOUS, but the sun was working against me. I think we managed to capture some special moments. I pray this is a memory that far surpasses any gift I could have given her. We sure do love her and certainly wouldn't mind if, ONE day, she became a part of our family. :) Happy Birthday Cami! You are a sweet, kind, gentle, loving, sincere, classy, fashionable, young woman who has a big heart and serves her King rightly, not to mention an amazing role model for our little princess!!!!! We love you!!!!
So... I am NOT a professional photographer, but I was able capture many photos that are definitely worth putting in a frame! It beats shelling out $450.00 for a photo shoot. LOL! To see everything that I captured today, please double click on the picasa web album below.  YOU MUST be on a landline computer in order to have access to view it.

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