Sunday, August 2, 2015

Puppy Football Training!

We are gearing up for football season in our house, puppies included.  LOL! The other day, we went to the mall and the puppy store had a jersey that reminded the kids and I of our Glenvar youth football jerseys. It was only $8.00, so we bought it.  The cool thing about our Glenvar logo is that it is identical to the Green Bay Packers logo AND we just so happen to support the green and gold colors too. While hanging out it our backyard last night, I decided to grab the jersey and snap a few cute AND hilarious photos.  Instead of grabbing the actual jersey though, I came across Jax's Green Bay Packers, Build-A-Bear jersey. Hehe.  I thought that was much funnier because it also included the helmet and pants. Enjoy a few cute photos of Simon graciously wearing it.  I'm not sure why he was okay with this.  Normally, as you can hear from the videos, he gives you lip about anything he doesn't like.  LOL! 
 Simon kept running and it was hard to really capture this funny moment.
 The running and Sadie's tackles would cause his helmet to fall off!
 This photo is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!
I wonder if the Green Bay Packers need a cute, little mascot.  Hehe.
 Picture overload: I couldn't decided which were the cutest, so I just included MOST of them all.
 Check out that tongue!!
Time for some tackle practice.
AND some Oklahoma Drills.
 Waiting for the ref to make the right call!  Sadie could EASILY win every time, but she's such a sweet heart that she always gives the win to Simon. We call him the "jerk" haha!
 Game over!
I had to capture a few video clips of this hysterical "practice" fight over a dog bone.  I love Simon's ruff and mean noises he is making as he tackles Sadie.  Haha.  

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