Friday, July 31, 2015

"Down! Set! Hut!" ~Football 2015

Football season officially has begun. The "littles" had try outs on Tuesday night.  The draft was immediately following tryouts. There are two football teams for Glenvar Youth Littles.  Darren is the head coach for one of the teams and he has 5 awesome assistant coaches.  The first practice starts Monday, AFTER a coaches meeting, held at our home, on Saturday.  I have the responsibility of cooking a scrumptious breakfast feast for the coaches tomorrow!

Below are just a few pictures that I took during the football try outs! The boys were each tested on 5 drills. These tryouts helped the coaches determine which players were the fastest and had the most skill, so they could accurately pick their teams. They lined the boys up, in chronological order, according to their game jersey #. Ty went first because his jersey is #1.  I'm sure that was a little nerve racking.
I saw a ton of finger nail biting during the tryouts.  LOL!
I'm looking forward to this season of our lives, but it will be a very jam packed season! Both boys start football Monday, which consists of 4 practices a week and includes the departure/non-existence of Darren since he is coaching. Lilah will be cheering and dancing! I don't think I've ever felt busier in my life. If you see limited posts, please know my heart is there to blog, but some times, the time is not.  I have some exciting "back-to-school" fun to share, but it may be a while before I post on it! 

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