Monday, August 3, 2015

Outdoor Movie ~ "Up"!

During the Summer, our church plans some fun, FAMILY activities.  A few weeks ago, we had family kickball, but we were just heading back from the beach, so we couldn't attend. Last night, we had an outdoor movie, at our dear friends Brett and Jody's home. Brett is also the youth pastor.  The kids begged and begged to go, but Darren and I felt it was a tad too late for our schedules.  We had a long talk and decided that it would really bless our children as well as ourselves to be with our church family, so we broke out of our shell and decided to go. Since we are early risers, it's hard to keep ourselves motivated past 9 pm.  The movie didn't start until 8 pm because Brett needed it to be dark out, in order for the movie to be visible.

*I apologize, in advance, for the horrible photography.  We were politely asked, by Ansley, to "silence our phones during the movie", haha, and so I didn't want to be the loud audience member with flash photography.  Haha.
Brett picked the movie "UP".  Darren and I have a REALLY hard time sitting still long enough to watch a movie, especially a kids movie, but what I have seen of the movie "UP", prior to going, I will say it goes down as one of my all time favorite Disney movies.
We arrived to a play house dressed up like the house on UP. Ansley was a cute advertisement for the movie!!! Brett and Jody provided popcorn, made from the professional popcorn machine, soft drinks, and all kinds of fun ways to relax while watching the movie.  The kids could sit on big lawn pavement blankets, on top of a trampoline with blankets, in the bed of a pick up truck, or on one of the many tailgating chairs provided.  There was a large, over-sized fan blowing along with a nice fire to roast marshmallows in.  
The air was cool, the crowd was large, and the kids were ready! We prayed and thanked God for the gift of good food, friends, fun movies, but especially for His son, Jesus Christ.  I am so thankful that we have this family in Christ to do life with.  My children love to be around other people and our families are so spread out.  They would really be missing out on the blessing of family if we did NOT have our family in Christ.  Brett and Jody, last night was so fun, relaxing, and a true gift. Thank you for opening up your home to everyone! Lilah was especially thankful because she was able to spend the night with Ansley.

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