Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Football Practice ~ Day #1

And so it has begun...

4 days a week....

In the hot, hot, sun...

Football practice!

No turning back NOW!
Darren is the head coach, of the "littles" team, so he arrived early to set up his practice field.  He's so psyched, we've even had several packages arrive, to our home, because he has been buying his own football, drill equipment, for his players. #hispassion
Jax started his FIRST football practice yesterday.  He's on the biddy team.  He knows every single player on his team, but I think ONE.  Cohen is his BEST buddy and "Coach Zach" is his best buddy's daddy, so this will be a really exciting season of football for him and I both.  I'll get to sit with my best buddy, :) Ashely, and together we can cheer our boys on.

Coach Zach was no holds bar yesterday.  Most of the boys didn't arrive early enough to pick up their practice equipment, so they couldn't have a helmet practice.  Instead, they ran their little hearts out.
These boys didn't seem to mind!
Meanwhile, back on the "littles" practice field, Coach Darren, along with his assistants, were getting serious during their helmet practice. Coach Darren is showing the boys how it's done.

LOADS of drills.
(Above): Ashton and (below): Ty practicing the shuffle cone drill.
Pausing for a cold gulp of water! He's getting so big!
Our entire lives and schedules, as we knew it for the last 80 days, are now uprooted.  We ate dinner at 8:00 pm last night. The beginning of the school year, waking up early, is going to  be TOUGH! My kids, at 9:00 am this morning, are STILL sleeping. It's bitter-sweet.  I don't want them eating breakfast at lunch, but I am enjoying the quiet house. Practice #2 is tonight.

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  1. Love love Love! Especially that picture of jax and Ty! :) excited for this season!


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