Friday, August 14, 2015

Cheer Camp Continued...

Cheerleading camp was a BIG thumbs up for Lilah!!! The entire day, Thursday, she kept saying, "I'm so sad this is the last day of camp!" She was able to get her feet "wet" and learn some cheerleading tips, tricks, and cheers.  Lilah would do anything for a BIG sister, so NOTHING could beat getting to spend three nights in a row with High School "pretty" girls. And speaking of BIG girls... look at how BIG my little girl looks, below, walking to practice!!
 Chynna was a FAVORITE to the "Biddy" cheerleaders. Poor girl was swarmed!!!
On the third night, the girls created their OWN routine with the HS Cheerleaders that were assigned to their squad.
 Lilah was put in the VERY front. :)
Loads of giggles and squeals happened these last 3 days!
At the end of the night, the girls got to perform in front of everyone.
Each squad won awards.  Biddies won "Best All Around!"
I love how HS cheerleaders came together (with much patience) and taught the little girls what they needed to know!
Lilah made many BIG friends this past week.  Her favorite was Chynna and the cheerleader giving her a piggie back ride, below!
Enjoy some of the video footage I took last night! These are such sweet moments.  Before I blink, I know my little girl will be one of those high school cheerleaders teaching her own biddy squad.  

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