Saturday, August 15, 2015

Biddy Football Practice

Having three children sometimes poses some challenges. This sporting season, in particular, is a great example.  Darren is the head coach of the "littles" football team, Jax is on the "biddies" football team, and Lilah is now in cheerleading and dance. I am ONLY one person, so sadly, someone gets left out. This morning was the FIRST practice, in 8 practices, that I was able to attend Jax's practice and give him my undivided attention.  I've been really proud of Jax.  He just walks himself to practice, walks himself back to Darren's field, and let's us know what Coach Zach is requiring of him for the next practice. I believe this is good for Jax because he is quite the bashful kid and this unavoidable independence will help him grow from that trait.
I enjoyed watching Jax and Cohen practice sled drills. As it looks, Jax may be assigned to a line backer position.  
During Jax's practice, Ty and his football buddies spotted a deer.  They ran as fast as they could to try and catch up with it.
No such luck!
Next up, tackle practice.
LOVE this mean look on Jax's face!!!!
Cohen and Colten.
Jax's turn to get tackled.
And when you are too young to play football, it doesn't mean you are too young to dress football.  Caleb showed up to his brother's practice in football gear, from head to toe. #littlecutie
We are very proud of our little football player.  He has a great role model in his BIG brother, which also means BIG shoes to fill, but so far, he has proven to be an amazing athlete, so I have no doubt he will succeed.  

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