Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hidden Valley Jamboree 2015

Today, the "littles" played in the 2015 Hidden Valley Jamboree.  It was held at the Cave Spring Middle School and it felt crazy to be on the turf where Darren and I fell in love, over 23 years ago! Our team was assigned to play Franklin County.  The Franklin County boys were consistently bigger than our boys, but it didn't stop them from playing a great game.  
This field certainly did not resemble a middle school field.  It's a BEAUTIFUL, clean, and professional looking field.  
I was SOOOOO proud of my boy!  Ty's practice jersey is #11, but his game jersey will be #1.  Check out his pass throw.  He makes me smile whenever he's on a field or a court.
Today's weather was B-R-U-T-A-L! Scorching hot, but the boys didn't let that slow them down!
I can tell this season is going to be so exciting! We've waited 5 years for Ty and his teammates to get to this playing ability/level. It's so much fun to watch!
Ty played quarterback (offense) and corner back (defense) the entire game!  
The players and coaches worked so well together.  You can tell that we have created a closeness and unity (despite our inability to be together last year).  It's going to be afantastic year.  Even the fans, (from moms and siblings, to grandparents etc) are anxious, excited, involved, and HAPPY to be together!!
Final score: 24 to 6.  It felt great to win!!!
Future jocks of Glenvar High School (plus a few more key players missing: Nick Woodson and Jackson Swanson)
You can follow their season on our blog! Today's photos aren't that great.  I had the tedious job of video recording the ENTIRE game on video camera.  SO... I grabbed what I could on camera, here and there, but sadly, when I put the video camera down, I missed the most incredible pass play from Ty to Ashton, as well as, Ty's touchdown! Boo! :(
Ty and Gabe, best buds!
At the end of each game, the boys and coaches do this awesome chant! It sends chills running threw my body.  It's so catchy and uplifting!!!!
Coach Nick: Who are we?
Team: Glenvar!
Coach Nick: Who are we?
Team: Glenvar!
Coach Nick: How tough are you?
Team: Too tough!
Coach Nick: How strong are you?
Team: Too strong!
Coach Nick: How fast are you?
Team: Too fast!
Coach Nick: One heart! 
Team: One heart!
Coach Nick: One goal! 
Team: One goal!
Coach Nick: One team!
Team: One team!!!

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  1. They all look so big! Way to go Glenvar! Love the first picture- so cool :)


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