Sunday, July 5, 2015

Water Night @ Vacation Bible School!

Water night, is always the most anticipated night, for the kids, at Vacation Bible School.  Oversized slip and slides, ice cream, a fire truck that sprays the kids, with it's hose, and friends galore, who could ask for a better night for a kid?  I'm slowly working on trying to get caught up on my blog's back log. I haven't posted on Vacation Bible School yet and this post shows you that I am kind of working backwards since I am posting about the last day FIRST.

Warming up, on a puddle of water, that has accumulated from the fire truck's hose, as they eat cold ice cream.
Thank you to the local fire department for making this tradition happen!
 For Miss Presley Jean, if food is present, life is good!
Meanwhile, if her brother, "Co", has something to be wild and crazy on, that will make his night.  Haha.
Slip and slide fun!
And then a street game of basketball.  Haha.  
 Ugh, I thought I took more photos of water night, but I didn't.  Boo! AND I promise my Jax was there.

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