Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth Of July 2015

Our Independence Day was so nice.  The kids woke up to a few red, white, and blue treats.  I also made a huge breakfast.  
We spent the 4th of July day on the beach (5 hours) and then the pool.  Afterwards, we showered, got decked out in our Independence Day gear, and headed off to Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse.
Thanks for capturing your mommy and daddy, TY!
You'd NEVER be able to tell, from this photo, but Lilah had the beginning stages of her very first migraine.  I pray she does not inherit them from her daddy!
I love the palm trees in the background.  
Where were the twins?  LOL! They passed out, in the van, on the way to dinner, so Ty got his own moment with his daddy!
There they are!!!  All bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
Rioz is by far the best Restaurant in Myrtle Beach, in our opinion.  It's also a fun experience.  For starters, you get to enjoy an exotic buffet.  When you are ready for the main course, just turn your red card to green and your table gets swarmed with waiters, bringing you everything from lamb, chicken, beef, warm pineapple, plantains and more......
As the night progressed, Lilah's headache was just terrible.  She kept begging to be massaged and threatened to rip all of her hair out of her head because it hurt so bad.
After dinner, we started walking Broadway At The Beach, but Lilah just couldn't do it.  We even went into "It's Sugar" and she begged to leave exclaiming, "Who could eat candy at a time like this!" Spotting Wonder Woman and a few other "princesses" did make her perk up a tad (but it was brief).
She still cooperated and smiled in pictures.
Instead of watching fireworks on the beach, like planned, we found a perfect SPOT to illegally park and watch the fireworks from the top of our van, while Lilah slept her migraine away.  
It was still a really great night, despite our baby girl's headache. You can see part of our fireworks show from the videos below, but they all pretty much look the same, haha. I recorded the show for Lilah because I felt so bad she would have to wait until next year to see fireworks, maybe... the beach always has them.

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