Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sports Camp - Tacky Tuesday - 2015

This week, our kids are at the much anticipated Sports Camp that is put on by our youth Pastor and those he pastors. It's a student lead camp.  Older youth run the camp with the help of Pastor Brett and his wife Jody! It's always a great turn out! This year, the boys are focusing on  basketball and the girls are focusing on jazz.  Obviously, after the fun, the kids are also given a lesson on the gospel.  

Today was "Tacky Tuesday!".  I let the kids pick their own tacky outfits. It's a lot easier for them to be successful at tacky, than I.  My mind thinks too coordinated. LOL!  Ty actually WON the Tacky Tuesday contest.  He was excited to show both his daddy and I the Hillsong cd he won. Ty had every color of the rainbow on, underneath his Christmas light "dress".  He wore a wig, with all of Lilah's hair bows attached.
I loved Jax's outfit.  Goofy hair, headphones, tacky teeth, a bow tie, underwear OVER his jeans, two different flip flops, and a ball and chain attached to his ankle.
Lilah wore MY dance uniform, from when I was a kid, a polka dotted skirt, rainbow slipper socks, two different cleats, and a few hair accessories.  She looked more adorable than tacky!
Yesterday, the kids learned about God's holiness and today, the kids learned about man's sinfulness. Tomorrow, Pastor Brett will teach them about the bridge Jesus Christ, who made a way for us to know God and how we are able to be in His presence.  What a glorious gift!!!

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