Monday, January 5, 2015

Bolling Kids Gift Exchange

Every year, Fort Lewis Elementary School offers a "Holiday Shop" to the students.  The staff likes to get the kids into the giving spirit. Darren and I considered giving each of the kids money to shop for their family members, but then we thought it would mean much more if they dug into their own piggy bank. We allowed the kids to bring $10 each, from their own bank, and we told them to make sure they returned home WITH NOTHING for themselves. Here were a few other rules:

1. DO NOT buy anything we already have.
2. DO NOT buy something you want in hopes the receiver will turn around any give it to you.
3. DO NOT tell each other what you bought. No hints. No nothing.
4. Try to spend the same amount on everyone.

While our Christmas cookies were baking, the kids got out their already wrapped gifts and prepared to GIVE!!!! The photos below seem to be crazy repeats, but they aren't. Ty, Lilah, and Jax insisted we take BEFORE and AFTER photos of the gifts they gave!!!! They are just like me! LOL! They want to capture everything. EXCUSE my hideous, unshowered shelf.  

Lilah gives to mommy!
Lilah picked out the perfect gift: a snowman ornament that reads, "Best Mom Ever".  I collect snowman ornaments, so this gift was picked and given with much thought.
 Jax gives to mommy!
Every lady loves jewelry and no one taught him that. He's just a smart cookie!!! He picked out a ruby, red ring for me!! I love it!
 My Ty Guy gives to mommy!
A heart shaped keychain.  The keychain lights up too! That's perfect for those late night outings.  You know, those times you need a little flashlight, to find your key hole, in the dark! Very clever.
 Daddy's turn.  Ty gives to daddy!
Everyone knows how much daddy loves his coffee.  Ty got Darren a coffee mug that reads, "Dad, you are out of this world!"
 Jax gives to daddy!
 A football keychain with a sweet message!
 Lilah gives to daddy!
 She gave him an ornament too with a message to her daddy!
"Best Dad Ever!"  She's a total daddy's girl!
Lilah gives to Ty.
Jax gives to Ty!
Jax gave Ty a baseball and two sticky hands!
Ty gives to Jax.
 Ty gives to Lilah!
Man O'Day that was a LOT of giving!!!  As they say, "It's better to give than to receive." I could tell it really blessed the kids to give gifts that they not only picked out, but that they also PAID for!!! I think it really taught them a great lesson too!