Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More Elf Shenanigans....

Our elves have REALLLLLLY gotten into some funny Shenanigans over the last few days! While playing with a few of Santa's reindeer, one of them went #2, so Napoleon and Chippey had to shovel it up, while the DIVA elves, Ariel and Rozee, held their noses from the stench.  LOL!
 Napoleon and Chippey were great sports about cleaning it up.  At least it was colorful.
 The shovels and rake were found in the doll house section at Michaels.  
The deer was found at Five Below.  There is a hole in the deer's hiney and the poop candy comes out of the hole.  
This morning, our elves left our kids some Elf On The Shelf puzzles.  These puzzles were found at Target.  You get 7 puzzles for $9.99.
I opened the box and divided up the puzzles.  Each of our children received 2 puzzles.  The 7th puzzle was already put together.  I found the elf tins at the Dollar Tree.  It was the perfect way to present the puzzles to them!
When I purchased these puzzles, 6/7 puzzles were stored in a really nice wooden box. This puzzle (below) was already put together. It was on top of the wooden box and wrapped in clear plastic.  See above!
And on Sunday, our elves got trapped in the basement.  We forgot to leave the door cracked open, for them to fly back upstairs.  
They were stuck to the door with a note that read, "Help Us!"
I really do enjoy this tradition a ton.  The hardest part is REMEMBERING to move them each night.  Typically, moving them, is NOT enough for me... as you can see :)