Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Visit To Poppy's Work

My dad is a maintenance supervisor, for a Retirement Home, in Wake Forest, NC.  He wanted us to stop by and visit with him, just to see where he works, what he does, and he also wanted to introduce us to some of his favorite residents. This was a wonderful experience for BOTH adults and children because it really opens your eyes to the elderly and those who's health is failing them.  I apologize in advanced, the  photos are awful....thanks iPhone!
The kids had a blast running from floor to floor, knocking on the residents' doors.  MOST of the residents were very capable of taking care of themselves. Again, it's a retirement home, NOT a nursing home.  The residents just enjoy living in an environment that provides (3) daily meals, lawn care, transportation, and so much more... such as BINGO! LOL!  Two of the patients we met had some physical aliments: one had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and one had Alzheimer's Disease. The gentleman below (not revealing names for privacy issues) is in his LAST stage of Alzheimer's Disease. It was very interesting to watch him and also very devastating. I could have sat there ALLLLLL day.  Ty was also very intrigued. Ty and I both asked several questions to his wife, who takes care of him daily, at the retirement home. WITHOUT his wife, he probably wouldn't be here today.  She was a nurse for DECADES and her care, to her husband, has provided him a loving and compassionate environment.  Sadly, he doesn't even know that it's his wife that cares for him. She said, "I'll say, do you know I'm your wife!" And he replies, "No. You're not my wife!" #myheartbreaks
He was once a successful engineer, so playing with a piece of pvc piping and the windy toys you see, are his favorite.  He likes to make use of his hands, keeping himself busy.  He barely spoke.  He was good at saying "Hello!" and that was about it. You can tell by Jax's expression that he was "different".  He was such a sweet man though.
I am thankful my father has found a job that he is enjoying! God has been gracious to him!!  The residents light up when they see him and I believe he enjoys the love they give to him as well.