Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Visit To A Pumpkin Patch At Christmas Time!

Carlene was really excited to share the Christmas Pumpkin Patch experience with us at Hill Ridge Farms, over the weekend. We didn't 100% plan on it because we had a few other ideas in mind, but we did wind up going.  It was a REALLLLLLLLY cold night and we were NOT properly dressed.  Fortunately, Carlene had a hug bag of clothes, in the back of her van, so if you see Jax in a girl's coat or Ty is his Poppy's sweat shirt, that's why! During the Month of December, Hill Ridge Farms has what's called the "Festival Of The Lights". The patch has a crazy amount of Christmas lights/decor, turning it into a magical celebration of Christmas cheer.  
I love how the hay had a Christmas scene painted on it.  During the Fall, a Fall theme is usually painted on the hay! You can see Saleece and Lilah walking through the beginnings of the lite up pumpkin patch.
We were able to do several things that evening, that was included in the cost of our ticket prices. First up, the Giant Mountain Slide.... I apologize for the poor footage.  I was having a hard time with my lighting.
 Below is Carlene and Leecie heading up for a ride!
 As they say, "What goes UP, must come down!"
 Sorry Darren!  That is ONE bitter-sweet shot.  Bitter that Darren's face was left out, sweet that these children are having the time of their lives.  
 YES....I EVEN rode it! It's hard resisting LEECIE!
 Next up, we waited in line to meet Santa!
For anyone that reads our blog and doesn't know... the two little girls with my daughter, Lilah, are my sisters. I bought them all matching outfits for our yearly visit to Santa tradition.
Photo with Santa.  We started this tradition 5 years ago and have only missed ONE year!  
Telling Santa what they want!  Leecie is afraid of Santa, so she stood farther away!
 Wagon Hayrides Through The Festival Of The Lights!
Bonfires & Kettle Corn! Oh how I was so very grateful for the bonfires.  I failed to wear socks and I truly felt frost bite coming on!
Other items we ran out of time to enjoy were the smores, hot chocolate, and the train ride.  

We had to zoom through Hill Ridge to be back in time for the Tech-UVA game, but it was probably a good thing.  I didn't wear socks and I almost got frost bite.  So thankful for Leecie's extra pair of socks AND the hot bonfires.

Our goal was for the kids to pass out and the adults to watch the Tech-UVA game in silence.  Mission accomplished...well sorta.  ONE BIG kid fell asleep, while the other BIG kid stayed up. Look below. You'll see what I mean.
 It was a DEFINITE intense game! TECH WON!!!!
It was an eventful day to say the least.  We also took the kids to Chick-Fil-A and Five Below to pick out their gingerbread house surprises!!!! It's always an challenge taking one kid, much less FIVE kids, into a store where ALL things are $5 and BELOW!