Monday, November 3, 2014

Trick Or Treat, Brush Your Teeth!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love pinterest, but I am finding that because everyone is using pinterest, everyone has the same ideas lately for weddings, photographs, parties, house decorating, baking, etc.  It's like no idea is original.  So what do I love even better than using pinterest?  I'll tell you.... CREATING my own ideas to PUT ON PINTEREST. That's what happened with this adorable idea below.  While I was shopping for candy, as well as, designing goody bags, for our trick or treaters and the kids' classmates, it dawned on me that everyone accumulates an insane amount of candy.  I wanted to pass out something fun, yet practical. I spotted these "Jokes and Gags" teeth, aka bubba teeth, at both the Dollar Tree and Five Below.  Perfect!!! 2 for $1.00.  Originally, I was just going to stop there, as to send the message, "Be careful how much candy you eat... you may wind up with teeth like these."  
When you take the teeth out of the package, you will find the teeth sitting in a "dental tray".  LOL!  I desired to keep the teeth stored in the "tray", so I cut the tray in half, making two trays.  
I wanted to take the idea further, so I spotted a four pack of toothbrushes at the Dollar Tree.  4 for $1.00.  What a steal!!!! I decided to incorporate BOTH the bubba teeth and the toothbrushes into a combination "gift".  I LOVED this pack of tooth brushes for several reasons.  (1) they are affordable.  (2) they are sized for children.  (3) they are colorful.  and (4) each tooth brush comes in  it's own iindividual, perforated seal.  Look closely.  
But still, something was missing.  Hmmmm.... I've got it, a riddle!!!

I purchased a cute set of Halloween clipart, trick or treating friends, on Etsy.  The shop was called CeliaLauDesigns. Then, I created my own label and came up with my own riddle to be read to the tune of the well known "song", 
"Trick or treat
Smell My Feet
Give Me Something Good To Eat!
If you don't, I don't care,
I'll pull down your underwear." 

My riddle or "song" read...
"Trick or treat,
Brush your teeth,
After eating all your sweets!
If you don't and you dare,
You will need some dental care!!!"

If you like this label and would like to use it, just send me an email! I will send it your way!!!
So basically all you need is the following:
Tooth Brushes (.25 cents each)
Bubba Teeth (.50 cents each)
Cellophane Bags (.5 cents each)
A Cute Riddle (essentially could be free)

Grand Total: $.80 per "treat".
This is also an adorable idea for a children's dentist off to do at Halloween time!!!

*Disclaimer: If this idea is on pinterest, I personally have NOT seen the idea!

Nothing would have made this idea or post better except to have EVERY classmate wearing the teeth and smiling "bright" for the camera.  LOL!  We didn't let the kids open their tooth brushes and teeth at school! We were afraid of them sharing their "teeth" with each other.  Ewe!