Monday, November 3, 2014

Apples for Teachers, At Halloween (2014)

I LOVE blessing the people, in my children's life, who serve them, love them, and teach them in ways that I do NOT have the patience to! I tend to treat them all through out the year from back-to-school, to Halloween, to Thanksgiving, to Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, Teacher Appreciation Day, and at the end of the year! I am sure I am missing several other holidays/times that they are deserving of acknowledgement.  

This Halloween, I re-created an original idea, from Meet The Dubiens, and made it slightly my own, in a bigger way! I try hard never to completely copy someone else's ideas. I really do love to make it my own or better create it myself, altogether, but Jill just has a way of making things so enticing to mock. From her ideas, to her color schemes, to her actuals posts, I JUST LOVE HER!!!! It's called, "Nutella Hot Chocolate".   Jill made this for her children and I chose to make it for my children's teachers and bus driver.
Since I couldn't give the teachers a gallon of milk, I bought them a gift card to Kroger, to cover the cost of the milk.  What you need: peeps, nutella, and milk.  According to Jill, once you drink hot chocolate, made with nutella, you will never want to drink hot chocolate any other way!!!!

I found these precious owl, key chains and I have been holding on to them for quite some time.  So, I used these as an embellishment outside of their wrapped goodies.  i [heart] owls.
Ms. Robin
Mrs. Rottkamp
 Ms. Dixon
Inside the wrapped gift, I also enclosed enough Halloween colored, paper straws for every member of their family !!!  If hot chocolate is NOT something they like, at least they can use the gift card and nutella for some other need/recipe. Below, is a photo, taken from Jill's blog, to show what the end result looks like. Even though I cannot recall the last time I drank a cup of hot chocolate sugar, lol, the photo definitely temps me to make a cup for myself.