Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Darren The Zombie

Our funny friend Aaron enjoys taking photos of people and turning them into comedy, or worse, a nightmare.  This photo is of Darren, senior year in high school.  Aaron turned Darren into a zombie.  We showed this to the twins (Ty wasn't home) and told them that this was daddy before he knew Jesus. They watched it at least 3 times and Lilah jumped with chills.  We never said, "Just kidding!" Later that night, 6 hours later, as we were driving to dinner, I heard Lilah, in the back seat of the car, tell Ty, "Hey Ty! Did you know that before daddy knew Jesus, he was a zombie?" WHOOPS! I guess it was THEN the time to break the news to her, that Mr. Aaron just put a zombie face on top of their daddy's face, and that we were just kidding.  They were SOOOO relieved!!!